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6th March 2007
“Armed and dangerous. This is how Manu could be described with his water pistol”

Holi is festival that almost all the kids enjoy and their parents usually are terrified of it, mainly because their kids enjoy it. On his first Holi, Manu was only a few months old so he didn't knew what was happening to him when we put some talcum powder and sindoor on his face. Last year he was saw that we were all getting more coloured than usual but didn't really knew how to react. This year, he is 2.3 years old and was very happy on Holi.

He was quite amused by the idea of rubbing colour on people's faces. After he had put colour on our faces, we took him to his friend Ritam's house. Initially we thought we won't get his a water pistol but a day before Holi, I got one for him. He was playing with it without realizing what exactly it was and I also didn't bother to tell him that it could be filled with water. Who wants the home to be drenched in water?

Manu rubbing colour on my face

I saw some rashes on his face and decided to give him a bath. It would have been the end of his Holi but our neighbor's had different ideas. They came over and Manu and Ritam were playing with water pistols, this time with water and with full knowledge of what can be done with a water pistol. Now this is what I call armed and dangerous.

Eureka! I have figured out how to use this water pistol. He didn't really jumped out of a bath tum like Archimedes but did try to fill up the house like a bath tub.

Hindustan Times had orgaised something in our society and we all decided to check that out. As I reached the badminton courts, I saw people in all sorts of colours and decided it was not a good idea to go there, especially after a bath. After all to many people you can request not to put colour on Manu.

Manu and Ritam having fun with their water pistols

Back home, Manu decided to let us know how powerful his lungs are. One thing about him is that if he cries, the entire neighborhood knows he is crying. So if he has a session during the day, in the evening people ask him "What happened Manu? Why were you crying?" Now there are a few things that I won't do even if Manu is crying but this was not one of those. It is a festival that comes once a year so I decided to take him downstairs. "OK Manu, say bye to mama." and he got even louder so we all three of us had to go down.

This is called going for the soft target. Manu knows that it won't be easy getting Mira or me to fill that water pistol so he goes to his friends mother. Here he is telling her to put the tea down and fill the water pistol.

Downstairs it was quite wild but fortunately they were all busy in the center of the court and didn't bother coming out to put colour on Manu's face. Manu was firing his water pistol and every now and then would try to get in the action.

I guess next year I won't be able to control how he plays his Holi.

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