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28th March 2007
“It is a piece of paper, it is compact and fits in your pocket and is probably the most powerful thing in the world today.”

I remember reading a joke in Reader's Digest. A judge was giving verdict in a forgery case and said "This is the stupidest criminal I have ever seen who is trying to make a counterfiet note of 20 dollars by cutting out corners of a $20 notes and sticking them on a S1 bill.

If you have come here from picturejockey, you would have read the story of Christopher and Manuel who were planning to make counterfiet notes. If not, here it is

“Hey Christopher, got a million dollar idea. Why don't we print our won money.”
“Very good Manuel, why not?”
“OK, we will print these hundred dollar bills.”
“But Manuel, these Aussie dollars are made of plastic. The cost of making a counterfeit note would be quite high and we would be left with very little profit”
“So what do we do?”
“I Know. Why don't we print US dollars?”

Australia post allows the users to print their own stamps and I remember once they gave people the option to get postage stamps with their own pictures but the Australian government is smart enough not to give people such an easy option of printing their own money.

Australian Currency notes
The advantage of the plastic note is that they are difficult to fake and are much more durable than the paper notes.

The currency notes in Australia are made of plastic, to be more specific, they are made of polypropylene polymer since 1988. Making a counterfiet note of Australian currency is an expensive proposition as it would end up costing you close to it's face value. ALl the counttries are constantly making attempts to prevent fake notes with limited sucess. In India were we get a lot of fake currency from across the border, the notes are changed peridoically but it definitely is not as effective as having plastic notes. Incidental the Pakistanis are quite god at making fake currency and a good example of that is the CB-B2 $100 notes printer in 2001 which were so close to the original notes that they were almost difficult to detect. As Christopher and Manuel later realised, it is a lot more profitable to make counterfiets of US currency notes and not just for one but various reasons.

Indian Currency notes
The Indian currency is changed quite a few times to prevent counterfeits while the Aussie currency is still the same.

The first is the wide acceptance of the US currency. It is accepted almost everywhere in the world. In some weak and unstable economies, people actually prefer US currency over their own local currency. This way you may be living in South America or in asia and make counterfiet notes of US currency and there are very good chances that the notes will never reach US and the chances of you getting caught are very thin. Is there any surprise that there are about $70 million of counterfeit notes are in circulation.

No one makes fake coins because makingthem would be a lot more expensive than their face value. The metal of 2 and 5 rupees coins is more expensive than the worth of the coin

The fake US notes comes in all varieties, at the lower end they are printed on a inkjet printer using the scans of the notes to very high end job that is very difficult to detect. APart from that, the US currency uses very little colours making it even more easier to make fake notes.

So, the nest time you take a note from someone, make sure it has not passed through the hands of Christopher and Manuel.

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