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1st January 2007
“Why should I play with building blocks only? I can play with anything else as well that connects like building blocks, even if they are clothes pegs.”

I have mentioned in a previous post that Manu's brain works in ways not comprehensible to me. He has building blocks that my cousin bought for him and whenever he gets hold of that bag, he comes and asks me or Mira to unzip it but he rarely plays with them. He takes them out and scatter them all over the place and the only thing that seem to interest him are the four wheels in it. He likes to take them and put them on a toy chair he has.

A bottle, a half barrel and a toy on top of that balanced by Manu
A bottle, a half barrel and a toy on top of that balanced by Manu

What he should be doing with blocks but doesn't is exactly what he is going with everything else like balancing coins on top of other of making sculptures of "chittan" or in our words, clips used for drying clothes.

A masterpiece of clips created by Manu...
A masterpiece of clips caled "aeroplane" created by Manu...
...and the meastro alongside his masterpiece
...and the meastro alongside his masterpiece

He opens the window and takes off all the clips from the clothesline and put them together to make shapes like this. As a result of his hobby, I have even lost a pair of my undies when he took off the "chittan" from it.

It s not just clips. He has a set of barrels that fit one inside the other like Babushka dolls. He used t give us the pieces one by one and we used to put them together but that was a long time ago when he couldn't out them together himself. Now he has the skills to put them together but he has lost interest in it and likes to do other things with them like this.

A dozen clips clipped on my vest and not even a single of those pinched me.

After he was finished making his sculptures, he decided to stash all his clips in one safe place and that safe place heappened to be my west. While I was watching TV, turned me around so I was lying on my stomach and then he started putting them on my vest one by one. He put some 12 odd clips and not even once did he pinch me with it. I don't know how he managed to do it so cleanly.

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