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1st September 2006
“With more than 1 billion people in this country, the customer is not really the king and you don't have to keep him happy. If one goes away dissatisfied, 10 more will come. This seems to be the Mission stateent of Tata Indicom Broadband”

I donít know who said the customer is king. I don't know about his time but in today's time, customer is probable the least important person, at least Tata Indicom Broadband services seem to think so. How else can one explain their don't-give-a-damn attitude? I myself work for a Tata company and I find it very sad to write something bad for a group company but they have let me down way too often to keep quite about it.

Tata Indicom Broadband Mission Statement

Let me tell you about me experience with them. They were quite prompt when I wanted a connection and always came over to my place sooner than they promised but once I had taken the connection; they were not bothered about me anymore. “He has taken the connection, he will come back for renewals.“

Every time I wanted to get a renewal pack, I had to jump through more hoops than a lion in a circus. First I had problems because their system doesn't validate on Firefox and throws up error every time you try to do anything. Finally I managed to renew using Internet Explorer.

Next time I was not so lucky. First I had to go through the torture of their painfully long renewal process that requires more clicks than there are keys on my keyboard. Once I fought through all those clicks, there was some problem in their site and it would just go blank on me right after I put in my credit card details. I did that a few times and still nothing.

I realised that the money has gone from my account twice and all I had got to show for that was a wasted one hour and a sprain in the neck I got while holding the phone for someone from Tata Indicom to answer my call. Finally I got through and when I told them my story they told me something is wrong with the site due to some updation. Now one would expect them to mention right upfront that it is not working and stop the user from doing anything further. When I asked her why it is not done, she said “Sorry Sir (As if it is such a big deal! Didnít you find that out yourself eventually?)”

Anyway, I called my credit card company and they suggested that I cancel the credit card and dispute the payment. I thought about it for two day and finally after being harassed, I decided to go ahead and do it.

In the mean time I called the Tata Indicom Broadband call center 17 times (no exaggeration). I have called there so many times that I am now on a first name basis with most people there. I formally made a complaint about the payment for which I didn't get anything. I was promised a return call and resolution to my problem in 24 hours. It was in end of July and the cal has not come so far.

I also called them thrice to deliver a renewal pack to my home and they promised to do that in 48 hours, I still have not got that pack. Finally I gave up and asked a private vendor to send it to me who promised to deliver it to me, not in 48 hours, but the same day and he actually did that.

A day before yesterday I got a call from them
“Sir your Tata Indicom Broadband connection is about to expire on 4th. Would you like us to send a renewal pack?”
I asked him why should I? I told him about what my experience had been so far. “I am sorry about that sir, please give us one more chance.”
“OK, I will, but first you give me the name and number of some one senior in Tata Indicom, a GM or a VP.”
“Sorry sir. No can do.”
“OK, tell me the name of your immediate boss”
“Sorry sir, I can't disclose names”
“OK, they why donít you get someone to cal me who can resolve my problem and they I will order the renewal pack.”
“OK Sir” and he hang up thinking “What an ass, wasted so much of my time, now I will have to work longer to achieve my target.“
The guy had to work late and was spotted with a pair of scissors before leaving the work late at night “Asshole, I'll cut his freain' cable. Then will see how he surfs the web.𔄙

Since a day before yesterday I am not able to log in to my Tata Indicom Broadband account. I have got no cal from anyone from Tata Indicom Broadband so far and I am sure I won't get it either. In the meantime, I have got the renewal pack delivered to my home by a private vendor...apparently for no use.