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15th September 2006
“Who is Kaushik Merchant? May be his is an ordinary person who made a genuine mistkae while giving someone his phone number or maybe he is some fraudlent person who is deliberately giving wrong telephone number to various people.”

What is annoying is a phone ringing just as you have started your dinner and what is even more annoying is the fact that it is a wrong number. I am sure you must have answered phone many times telling the caller that he has got the wrong number but I am not sure if many people have experienced what I have.

Wrong number

There is some guy called Kaushik Merchant. I don't know who he is or what he does but I do get a lot of calls asking for this guy and many a time I have asked the callers what number they have dialed and they have told me my number. Either he has deliberately giving people a wrong number or maybe some mistake was made somewhere that is costing me even now like an incorrect entry in a database that has been circulating with all the banks and other companies trying to sell various things.

I get calls from people from Banks calling him up for various documents for his application for a credit card or a Loan. By the number of calls I get, I can say this guy has got a credit card issued by every bank and maybe even more than one from the same bank is some cases. Sometime I tell them that I am not Kaushik Merchant and if I get more than one call a day for him, I play along.

“Yes this is Kaushik Merchant's phone but he has gone to Ulhasnagar and will be back next Thursday”

Yesterday once more I got a call for Mr. Kaushik Merchant.
“What number have you dialed" He told me the number
“Well, this is the number you have dialed but I am not Kaushik Merchant.”
“It's OK sir, can I talk to you for two minutes”
Now this is something I have not experienced before.
“What do you want to talk to me about?”
“Sir I am calling from Citibank and we are offering loans up to one million rupees and that is available without any guarantee and without any mortgage”
“Is it available without the repayment”
“Sir you tell me how is that possible”
“Well in that case, I am not interested, thanks for asking”