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6th July 2006

Indeed, anyone living in Bombay would have been able to tell what kind of hell is going to break loose in the 2006 monsoon, based on what we say last year. It has just started and has shown us what kind of preparations the city has done for the monson. Even the High Court has told BMC that they have not done their job properly.

While coming to work today I was thinking about the lack of accountability in our administration. If I make a small mistale at work, I am sure it will be ignored. If I make a big mistake I will be held accountable for it and I will be asked to explain. If I keep making mistakes, I will lose my job. The administration has been making mistakes after mistakes and no one is held accountable for it. The mistakes they make are costing us a lot of money and lives. We keep cribbing about it, the News Channels and news papers keep telling us about it but ultimiately the bcuk doesn't stop anywhere. No one among the people who are responsible have been funished so far.

These are some of the images I clicked while I was stuck at home (better than being stuck at work) on the 4th of July due to heavy rains.

Fantasy Land

This is the picture of Fantasy Land in front of my home. You can see it is flooded with water. The top half of the image is a part of Aarey colony and the water visible there had been flowing like a river. One stream was coming from the area at the top of this image and the other stream was coming from the right of the image. I saw a few people holding hands and crossing it and I could see how they were struggling to maintain their balance against the flow of the water.

This is JV Link Road and behind that is the empty piece of Land belonging to Fantasy Land. While it was raining heavily, an earthmover was dumping the garbage and mud in a truck. The cars and taxis were stranded there. If I was the owner of the red car, I'd have been damn scared of the equipment operating so close to my car.

Garbage management

The rains made the drain in front of our society, Greenfields, overflow and I watched two garbage bins floating in it. Later during the day when I went out to take pictures, I saw both of them being trapped by this trolley of Ice cream which also appears to have suffered some damage.

This trolley sells ice cream and faluda. Check out how it looked before it was washed by the rain.

River wild

This is a road in Greenfields society leading to the JV Link Road from our parking lot. This was flowing like a river and dumping a lot of water on the JV Link Road. A little before I took this image, the flow was so strong that the water was being pushed in Kalptaru, the society next to ours; their gate is also visible here. The water body at the bottom right of the image is the play area for kids that was completely submerged in the water. There is a seesaw near the gate and it is not even visible here.

Jogeshwari-vikroli link road

This is the gate of Kalptaru society and JV Link Road. The BEST bus will give you an idea of how deep the water was at the left end of the road that was closed at one point and the traffic for both sides was using only half of the road.

People on JV Link Road may be returning home after an unsuccessful attempt to reach office.

Lake Kalptaru

This is not a lake; this is piece of land belonging to Kalptaru that has been dug up for construction. The ground water level in this area is pretty high and this place has been filled with water ever since they dug it up but after the rain, it looks like a small lake. On the other side of it, you can see the Majas bus depot.

Sell this car and buy a boat

The road connecting the A and B wings to the D wing of Greenfields society. This place was looking like a picnic spot, complete with two waterfalls. During the heavy rains, the level of water was much higher.

Greenfield Fall

This is the waterfall. The backside of Greenfield society is about 20-30 feet lower than the ground level and it consists mainly of rocks. Due to the height, a lot of water flows in the society from the land behind it and forms small water falls. Some of the waterfalls like this one are not all that small and the flow of water is quite strong.