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16th May 2006

I have mentioned a lot of times earlier as well that I am not at all comfortable driving in Mumbai. One of the part of Bombay that I like is the South Bombay. Both Mira and me like to go there and when we had just come to Bombay, we would come here quite often-almost every weekend.

We used to come here with guests as we had a lot of visitors in our first year in Bombay, we used to come here to meet Nitesh and we used to come here without any reason as well. Just head south, spend some time here, but some stuff fromm the street market, roam around and go back home. Almost forgot to mention it, no visit to South Bombay is complete without going to Marine Drive.

For the first tie in Bombay I saw a shooting and as luck would have it, it didn't involve any big actors. It featured a guy wearing dark glasses walking along the marine drive and informing someone on the phone about someone taking a flight to Karachi and and asking the person on the phone to recieve him at the airport.

We have stopped going there altogeher. Mira had not gone there since about 18 months and I have gone there only twice in the last 18 months. The reason we have not gone there for so long is that we feel scared. Mira is scared to travel in trains with Manu and I am scared to drive down there and our fears are not baseless.

Mira is scared because Manu doesn't like to stay in any place for longer than 10 seconds and he just gets too uncomfortable and out of control if it is hot. This means that completing the 45 minutes of journey in a Mumbai local would be a tough challenge. I don't like driving because the government here doesn't believe in making roads. I am very scared of getting lost and getting stuck in the traffic jams in Bombay and that has made sure that I have not driven my car beyond Bandra.

On our way we found this and luckily we had stopped at a signal so I could take this picture. In the front is the board talking about 60 years of trust in making buildings and right behind it is the building just waiting to collapse. Is this ad supposed to be for the site owner when they wish to make a new building or are they showing off a building that they made 60 years ago.

Last Saturday I decided to overcome my fear. We also invited our neighbours whose son Ritam is a friend of Manu. Ritam's father told me that he knows the way to Marine Drive so it was comforting to have him with us. The drive to Marine Drive was not very difficult except for a patch near Dadar where one side of a flyover was closed for repairs. We wanted to go to Crawford market as well but didn't want to risk anything so decided to go straight to Marin Drive and park the car there and take a cab to Crawford Market.

This is Marine Drive. Half of the tetrahedron are wet and half of them are dry. At one glace the ones that are wet look like people.

The return from Marine Drive was equally peacefull, had to ask for direction but managed not to get lost and luckily there were no traffic jams either. The visit turned out to be a lot less stress full than I imagined. Now I have a feeling that when I am feeling a little more confident about going there and will be audacious enough to attempt it again, I will get into traffic jams.

A nice sunset to end our visit.

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