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3rd April 2006

On the 1st of this month, I have bought a new phone. I bought my last phone about 2 years ago. I bought that phone when the phone I had at that time was soaked in water and at that time I wanted t buy the cheapest thing available. Bharat was with me then and he wanted me to buy a more expensive phone but failed to convince me.

This time I have not bought the most economical model. This time I have bought a Samsung X660. After buying the phone I called my brother and Bharat is still not able to believe that I have bought a new phone. "How come chachu has bought a camera is fool's day and I think chachu is making a fool of me. This new phone is kinda scary. Scary because it seems so delicate and I am not used to handle delicate things. What worries me more is the “demolition man” also known as Manu. He has thrown my phone around and the sturdy Nokia 2100 survived his brutality but this one is not going to be able to do it.