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10th February 2006
“The salary of a sub-inspector in Mumbai Police is 9000 bucks. A fresher in my company gets more than that.”

Three cops, including Daya Nayak have been investigated by anti-corruption bureau for "amassing wealth beyond known source of income" Daya Nayak has opened a school in memory of his mother, one more cop has two buildings in Worli and one in Kandivili and the third cop lives in a bungalow in Gorai.

I donít know about the last two but I do know about Daya Nayak. He is known as the encounter specialist and has supposedly killed 82 people. He has killed 82 people from the underworld who were such a pain in the arse for the Mumbai Police and with the help of people like Daya Nayak, they have managed to kill a lot of them and have managed to drive away a lot from Mumbai to UP.

The largest thing I have killed in my life is a big sized rat. I have killed a lot of mosquitoes, even with my bare hands and I have squashed a lot of cockroaches as well but the biggest thing was the rat that entered our house some months ago. I hit it with a stick and it died. The hunt started with me and a guard from my society with wooden sticks and after chasing it for a while, I managed to strike a deadly blow. I did it in the heat of the moment but by the time the adrenalin level in my body returned to normal, I felt really bad and it took me more than an hour to get back to normal.

Call me a wuss but it is never easy to kill anything for a normal person like you and me. Killing a person has to be a lot more difficult. In that case you must be thinking a lot about a person once you have killed him. The Bollywood movies made on encounters make it look so simple and calm but in reality, it must be a really hard job. Apart from dealing with your feelings and conscience, there is also a fear of being killed by the gang whose member you have killed. Some one takes on all those odds and what does he gets in return-9000 bucks a month. Well actually that is not all, you also get the fear of being suspended, just like the three cops I have mentioned here.

The salary of a sub-inspector in Mumbai Police is 9000 bucks. A fresher in my company gets more than that. I am not saying that the fresher in my company doesn't deserve it but when you compare what he/she has to do with what an encounter specialist has to do, it is a walk in a park.

Even if we discount the encounter specialists, an average policeman is exposed to more dangers and his routine job is a lot more stressful and demanding. In such a case, a salary of 9000 bucks seems like peanuts. It is not wrong on the part of cops to feel frustrated by their low salary and tough job and although I don't condone taking bribes, I can't really blame them for it. I guess just like the money for performing the last rites of a person in UP has not increased, the pay scales of the cops have not been revised or if they are, they are not very realistic.

Keeping that in mind, I guess we need to be grateful to people like Daya Nayak and I for one, am willing to overlook his disproportionate wealth and I guess he should be let off. This is the least we can do for someone who has done our dirty work.