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25th December 2003

But it was not a “shehsawar” who fell in our compartment last night. It was a guy enjoying his whisky.

I have seen people drinking in Rajdhani Express before as well but none like this father of two kids. The family boarded the train in Baroda. After they settled in their seats, the guy disappeared and reappeared after some time with 2 bottles of ThumsUp. What can I say, I realized that tonight it's “2 thumbs up to whisky”

After the whisky gets in your system, getting to the berth felt like climbing Mt. Everest and the gentlemen fell down twice but took it in his stride. It took quite a few attempts to get to the top of the Everest but he managed to get on his berth in 3 attempts. After such an exercise one needs a little time to catch his breath. He rested for a while then decided to sleep with head on the other side. As he got up, he bumped his head on the ceiling and apologized “sorry sir” (such curtsey and you call him a drunk) then struggled to turn around and finally slept.

At about 5 in the morning, I heard a loud thud and woke up to see the friend of Jack Daniels sitting on the floor. Woken up from my sleep suddenly, it took me some time to figure out that he had fallen once again this time right from the top. Inspite of all his falls he showed a remarkable resilience to get back to the top where he slept till we reached Delhi, hugging is bottle of whisky.

This guy is the modern version of the spider that was trying to climb to the ceiling and kept falling but didn't give up and finally reached the top.

Try and try again till you succeed.

Hot and Cold

The last three weeks were spent in the anticipation of the visit to Delhi. Now I am in the Delhi and a little tense. Tense because in a few more days it will be over and I will be back in Bombay faster than I can say “ holidays”. Any way, the trip is going good. The one thing I was missing in Bombay was the winter which I enjoying here very much. The days are overcast, the nights cold and the morning foggy. The fog has again delayed the trains and flights.

The other thing making me sad is my brother's transfer to Chandigarh. He's reluctant to go and I am also thinking that it leaves my parents alone in Delhi.